Meet The Founder!

Hello, I’m Rilee, owner of Remi + Friends! After having my daughter, Remi, in 2019 I knew I didn’t want to return to my desk job and miss out on time I could be spend with her at home! I started brainstorming ways to generate an income from home! I attempted several different ventures, and last year I decided to pursue my passion and open my own children’s boutique. Hello, Remi + Friends! Over the last year I have loved owning a boutique, but I would often find myself struggling to find my exact vision for items I wanted in my small shop. After a lot of thought, I decided it was time to start my own line! Hello, Remi + Friends Private label! I’m so excited to share our new custom bamboo line with all of you and hope you love it as much as I have loved creating it! 🤍

& The One Who Inspires It All... Meet Remi!

Remi, turned two in November! She might be little but she has a personality the size of Texas! Anyone who meets her always comments on how happy she is, the kid is never not smiling! She thinks everything is a joke, and has a laugh that is contagious. She loves to spend her days playing outside or preferably in the water! We spend a lot of time working on craft and sensory projects! She is a lover of all animals and we would have a barnyard in our backyard if I would allow it!